Tuesday 29 March 2011

Risk assessment analysis workshop: methods and applications for evaluating biological invasions

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An exploratory workshop from the European Science Foundation on risk assessment analysis will take place in Girona from 17 to 20th April 2011.

The workshop, coorganized by the CTFC, is led by Núria Roura-Pascual and participated by other components of the ECO-LAND lab and MONTES project. The workshop will gather about 20 international researchers and contribute to increase our understanding of the procedures and methods required to design efficient risk analyses. It will also identify future areas of research and methodological improvements to guide scientific investigations. Further the workshop will examine the implementation of risk analyses for preventing the impacts of biological invasions, and assess the merits and drawbaks of policy instruments derived from risk analyses to improve current management practices.

Finally the workshop aims at establishing a network of researchers working on risk analysis to increase the exchange of information and promote collaborations amongst researchers, but also between researchers and environmental consultants.


Reunió internacional sobre anàlisi de l’avaluació del risc en biologia de les invasions

Una reunió exploratòria de l’European Science Foundation sobre anàlisi de l’avaluació del risc en biologia de les invasions tindrà lloc a Girona entre el 17 i el 20 d’Abril de 2011.

En aquesta reunió impulsada i coorganitzada pel CTFC i liderada per Núria Roura-Pascual, participen altres membres del grup ECO-LAND i del projecte MONTES. La reunió pretén millorar la nostra comprensió de les metodologies i aproximacions necessaris per dissenyar i implementar anàlisis del risc eficients i identificar àrees de recerca futures.


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